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Occupational therapy for teens focuses on emotional health through participation in meaningful activities. This is accomplished by creating hobbies, developing social connections, taking care of personal needs, engaging in physical activity, and learning the skills needed to begin the transition into adulthood.

Diversity Students

Social Connections

Feeling good also comes from a sense of belonging and acceptance from a community of people that are loving and trustworthy. Close connections with others give opportunity to learn of similar experiences to one's own. Sometimes the motivation to care for other aspects of life comes from regular meaningful social encounters.     

Taking Care of Me

Feeling good also comes from engaging in activities that stimulate the physiological needs of our body. Sensory and movement experiences provide motivation to engage in the more difficult activities of our day. The outcome of taking care of the foundational aspects of the body is greater motivation to take on more and more of life's challenges resulting in many successful experiences.

Dancing Alone at Home
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