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What is OT?

An introduction to occupational therapy is a good place to start.

Some may consider the idea of meaningful engagement in daily activities or occupations as somewhat mundane. 

Yet, it is the single most important factor in achieving ultimate human satisfaction. The moment occupational engagement ceases is the moment mental health challenges set in and life's challenges become difficult.

Occupational therapy addresses the whole person from 'bottom-up' and 'top-down' intervention approaches. That is, addressing the foundational aspects of human function (sensory, motor, and cognitive performance) through meaningful engagement in activity. Meanwhile, the 'top-down' approach addresses daily functional tasks, environmental factors,

and parent roles.

Brushing Teeth


Humans crave activity! We engage in so many occupations throughout our day without even thinking about the science behind what we are doing.


What in our brains and bodies makes it possible to do what we need and want to do during that 24-hour daily segment?

Underneath it all

Humans begin by sensing the world. Followed closely by moving about to explore what's in it. The tiny human feels with the skin, sees with the eyes, and begins to use the body as a tool to pursue what is most desirable.

The tiny human grows with increasing complexity in the thoughts, movements, and pursuits that align with that individual's desires throughout the lifespan.

Glitter Slime
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